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Membership Renewal, Benefits and How to Join

Being an AWC Tulsa member gives you an opportunity for professional growth that cannot be found any where else in Tulsa, Okla. Where else can you be with the most intelligent and fun-loving group of women who know their business, are successful and willing to mentor others? Only AWC!

In our ever-changing business world, one never knows when you may be in need of a job change or more clients. Through AWC, you have access to valuable job openings, and you can mention AWC in your cover letter. AWC opens doors!

To renew your membership, contact Heather Hope-Hernandez at


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Want to learn more before joining? Contact our membership chairs via

The will be more than happy to talk to you about the benefits of an AWC Tulsa membership!


Click here to view the various memberships types and/ or to download an application.

Student Chapters Affiliated with the Tulsa Professional Chapter
It’s been said that in business, it is who you know that matters. And in public relations, that’s especially true. For student AWC chapters affiliated with the Tulsa Professional chapter, there are many opportunities to meet and work with the movers and shakers in the Tulsa PR community. Through mentoring, shadowing, guest speakers and open invitations to professional chapter meetings, student AWC members have a wonderful bridge to the world of PR.

Benefits of belonging to the Tulsa Affiliated AWC Student Chapters include:

-Programs and Events:
 Student members are invited to attend all professional chapter events at reduced prices. Check the calendar for more details!

-Rising Star Communicator Scholarships: The professional chapter annually awards Rising Star Communicator scholarships for up to two university students majoring in the field of communications. 

There are three types of memberships available for students and recent graduates:

-Student Communicator: Open to women or men working toward an undergraduate or graduate degree and who demonstrate a commitment to a communications career. Expected graduation date and school name are required for validation. 

-New Graduate Communicator: For women or men who graduated in the past year and demonstrate a commitment to a communications career. Must have graduated from college in the past 12 months. Graduation and school name required for validation. 

-Emerging Communicator: For women or men who are in years two and three of post graduation and demonstrate a commitment to a communications career. Graduation date and school name required for validation.